Monday, August 30, 2010

Mimes in Music: Part I

The 1980's brought about the infamous crack epidemic - an epidemic that continues to plague many urban areas from coast to coast. Aptly, in the same decade, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney collaborated to make "crack for the ears" in the form of the hit single "The Girl is Mine".

What many people do not know is that the song was initially called "The Girl is Mime". For various reasons, mostly political, the title was changed prior to release.

If there is one well known fact about mimes, it is that they are the primary enemy of fascism. The 80's saw a resurgence of right wing ideology in the Anglosphere. This resurgence resulted in the elections of both Ronald Reagan in the United States and Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom. As an affront to this wave of right winged nuttery, two superstars from each region decided to take a stand - a stand in song! The song that resulted was "The Girl is Mime". In off the record interviews, Paul McCartney more than once didn't state "Girl is simply an acronym, guvna! An acronym for Get Into Real Looseness - and by "looseness", we mean FREEDOM". The mime, of course, is the international symbol of freedom, if not of humanity itself.

When asked via ouija board, the 2nd half of this Voltron-esque  musical monolith simply replied (via ideomotor effect) "I miss wee-wee". (We at onlinemime take that to mean "I miss 'me and some other people'-'me and some other people." and attribute the misspelling to withdrawals from tranquilizers)

If we have learned anything, it is this: Freedom is precious. The GIRL is, indeed, mime.

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